My name is Adam and I like working with my hands. I work mostly with 2d art, but use a lot of mediums, my favorites being pencil and charcoal works. I can’t really say when my first memories of ‘making stuff’ were, but I think that I’ve always been in the hobby of making things: from yarn to origami I just like to make. I like the difficulty of trying to depict something while showing your perspective and feelings, which is why I tend toward realism and, even though I’m trying to adapt my style to be more loose so that I can portray more than just my subject as realism seems to do for me. My favorite things to make are portraits of people, I like the accomplishment of being able to make something for someone that forces them to say that they are pretty and beautiful, though architectural perspective work is a close runner up because I find the funky angles and lines just fun to work with and try to make look ‘right’, even if it’s distorted.