Just like all kids when I was younger, I loved creating art. As I got older I slowly started losing interest. I dreaded going to art class. Once I got to about 6th grade, art was just one of those things I thought I was bad at. Then in 8th grade, it came time for me to choose my electives for the following year. There wasn’t a lot for me to pick from so art ended up on the top of my list. I was not thrilled to be in another art class. But in Mr. Bera’s class, an unknown passion I had for art started to grow. Ever since then, I’ve been in love with everything art related. I use art as an emotional outlet. I tend to stick to a relatively realistic art style. That said, when I’m feeling stressed or just down in the dumps, I love to take the chaos from my head and throw it onto paper creating quite chaotic pieces.