Hello! my name is Izzy and I am a traditional artist. I work with graphite, charcoal, and paints. I actually started doing art as a child due to sibling rivalry. If I’m being honest, I just wanted to outdo my older brother and be better than him at something and I found my passion, my home, my escape from reality. Art is something that has changed my life and is now what I want to do with my life.  Most of my art doesn’t have meaning because I like art to be free. I create whatever I want and people can take away what they want from it and not one I’m trying to send them. While none of my art has a deep meaning behind them they are all a part of me…a piece of me I put out for the public to see. I guess if my art were to have a true deep meaning behind it, it’s my vulnerability by allowing you to see and hopefully enjoy my artwork.