My name is Rhiannon. I am 15 years old,  born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska. I have had a passion for art as long as I can remember. I enjoy drawing cartoon characters, especially faceless characters.  I draw inspiration for my art from Disney and other works of animation/comics. Comics I enjoy reading are known as Manga comics. Manga is a Japanese art style developed in the late 19th century and displayed in comics or graphic novels.  l enjoy many different types of art supplies to create my artwork.  I  tend to use mostly acrylic paint and markers. Art is a very important way of communication for me as I am challenged with both dyslexia and dysgraphia.  I want to pursue a career in animation or as a comic artist with a nontraditional comic book style. I also have a love for music, singing and musical theatre. I would love to have a career in both art and musical theatre.